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Hi I am seamoretheseal! he/him

I make beats, build songs and make roblox music videos on YouTube! I am most known for my songs honeybear, sillyburger, and spongeoftheday. I make all of my songs and beats in FL Studio and I edit my videos in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. My songs are on all music platforms!

Some music artists I have collaborated and worked with are rey gwen, tisakorean, een glish, quannnic, kitz, music william, and others!

I have produced songs for other music artists including sevendsr and swagtastic which is linked in this soundcloud playlist below!

(this is a picture i took of my cat tabitha in a sock)

I have edited for creators Quackity and Damii. Below is a playlist of videos I have edited or have contributed editing for:

Most of my artwork is made by my friends rey gwen and frostingfluff .

For business inquiries my email is below, or you can contact me on any of my socials above.